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We provide top-notch digital products and assist companies in growing their network of partners and clients. Our website firm can revamp or develop a new website to set your business out from the competition. We cater the solution to get your organization prospect to make you out perform others.

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The

We at Eklavya Aim InfoTech are enthusiastic about what we do. Our skilled and innovative web developers remain on top of the latest trends to provide stunning and user-friendly websites that will set your company apart. 

We are devoted to upholding the highest online standards. We are committed to offering the best designs available and we evolve alongside our clients. 

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What Services We are Providing

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Web Design

Transforms your brand into an engaging online experience.

Digital Marketing in India
Digital Marketing

Eklavya collaborates with you to create specialized internet marketing services and a strategy.

Web Development

Custom requirements? Our Technical Team will handle it.

social media marketing eklavya aim infotech india
Social Media Marketing

This allows you to reach potential clients just when they are getting ready to buy by showcasing your brand to them.

Content Management System Eklavya Aim Infotech
Content Management Systems

You may manage the information on your website using a platform called a content management system (CMS).

Google Analytics by Eklavya Aim Infotech
Google Analytics

In order to provide insight into the internet marketing activities of our clients, we employ Google Analytics on all of their websites.


Tasks We Accomplished

One Stop Canada
The Canadian Site
The HG Glazing Business
The UK Site
The Laundry Services
The Australian Site
Real Estate Framework
A Perfect Site for Real Estate Developers, Builders, Agents as User Friendly and any non-technical can operate with little Training. Ask for Demo
A1 Assignments
The Canadian Site

Work Experience

As our team is having experience of several domains as follows:

Logo Designer
Process of creating a visual symbol or mark that represents a company, brand, or organization.

The process of designing a logo typically involves several steps, including researching the company or brand, brainstorming ideas, sketching out rough designs, refining the designs, and choosing a final design.

Logo Designer
Web Designer
Specializes in designing and creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites

Web designers work with clients to understand their goals and objectives for their websites, and then use a variety of tools and technologies to create designs that meet those goals.

Web Designer
Social Media Marketing
use of social media platforms to promote a brand or product.

Creating and sharing content on social media channels, engaging with followers, and using paid advertising and other tactics to reach a target audience.

Social Media Marketing
Graphic Designer
Creating visual content to communicate information and ideas to a target audience.

Collaborating with clients or creative teams to understand project goals and objectives, researching target audiences,

Digital Marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, and mobile marketing.

Digital marketing is a critical component of modern marketing strategies, and is essential for businesses looking to reach and engage with their target audiences in an increasingly digital world.


Meet the Core-Team

With Vision of Cogent Voice Eklavya Aim Infotech has started its Journey in 2019 and helping many organizations to achieve their goals by promoting their products through the technical and business strategies. We are team of experienced and skilled people. Apart from core team members, other team members are also committed to company’s goal.

Co-Founder and Manager

Er. H. Pasricha is Co-Founder of the Company and Currently working as Manager in India Branch. He has done Master of Engineering from NITTTR Chandigarh and author of various technical research papers.

H. Pasricha
Co-Founder Eklavya Aim Infotech

Ms. Shilpa is Co-Founder of Company and currently operating the tasks from Australian office. She has done Masters in IT from La Trobe University and handling the International relations. Apart from it she is senior leading web developer who is carrying years of experience in web development.


Er. Navjot Is leading project manager who is handling the company operations from Canada. He has vast experience of project management. He is committed towards the deadline work orientation

Navjot Singh